WWII - Rare SS Items
Item # Name Price
BA5296 Minty German Cross In Gold Mfg #134 Scarcer mfg $3,500.00
BA5295 Nice ++ German Cross In Gold Mfg. #20 Nice One +++ $3,200.00
BA5294 Rare WWII German Tank Destruction Strip "Nice One" $1,250.00
BA5291 Uncleaned Outstanding SS Chained M-1936 Officers Dagger " Minty Blade " Old Smoky " $7,850.00
BA5289 Rare 12 Year SS Medal In Silver Well tarnished uncleaned example $3,800.00
BA5287 Rare Battle Of Smolensk 20, Marz 1942 Hand Carved Plaque From US Veterans Bring Backs $400.00
BA5285 3 SS Collar Tabs Lot all from one US veterans estate lot .. $1,250.00
BA5279 Outstanding German WWII Allgemeine SS EM Visor Cap " The Best" $6,000.00
BA5222 Rare Top Shelf Condition Cased 8 Year Long Service SS Medal $1,700.00
BA5215 Outstanding M-1936 Chained SS Officers Dagger Only With Original Tied Portapee "No Scabbard" $2,750.00
BA5208 Rare SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Max Pauly Presentation Chained SS Dagger $0.00
BA5115 Rare SS Police Officers Sword Mfg WKC & SS Rune Proofed Blade and Scabbard Top Mount $2,250.00
BA5067 Rare Later War Zink SS Officers Belt Buckle With Scarce Mfg, Marking $1,600.00
BA5023 SS Uniform Field Removed SS Tunic Collar tab Nice+++ $650.00
BA4963 Outstanding Waffen SS Broacade Dress Belt & Buckle Mfg. MArked Belt "Minty" $3,500.00
BA4842 Nice++++ M-1936 Chained SS Dagger Minty Blade $6,850.00
BA4841 M-1936 SS Officers Chained Dagger With Minty Blade & Portapee "US 3rd Army Veteran Family Bought" $6,500.00
BA4635 Serial #222754 Early M-1933 SS EM Dagger Rare Mfg. Bertram Reinh, Sohn $0.00
BA4486 SS Enlisted Buckle With Strong Original Silver Finish $595.00
BA4417 Real Rare Early Wool SS Armband With 2 cloth SS Tags $0.00
BA4406 Rare Anti-Jewish "De Joden In Nederland Book" $400.00
BA4267 Nice Salty Worn In Battle SS Officers Belt Buckle Nice+++ $2,000.00
BA4163 Early 1930's SS Armband With Blood Stains $0.00
BA4151 Early M-33 SS EM Dagger W/ Small Trade Mark "Mfg. Boker " Ground Rohm " Nice++ Uncleaned fittings $3,750.00
BA4126 Rare Boxed SS 4 Year Long Service Medal " Minty" $0.00
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