WWII - Field Gear & Equipment
Item # Name Price
BA5288 Rare WWII Kriegsmarine Ships Compass Eagle M 3438 No. 5534 $2,800.00
BA5219 WWII Japanese Yosuska Naval Shipyard POW Torpedo Souvenir $650.00
BA5176 WWI German M-17 Potatoe Masher Stick Grenade "Inert" $750.00
BA5057 Outstanding WWII 1944 Boyt Mfg. 45 Automatic Holster "The Best" $125.00
BA5056 German WWII Tropical 1943 Dated Canteen With Canvas Straps Nice+++ $175.00
BA5055 German WWI Gas Mask Dated 1917 $275.00
BA5038 Outstanding WWI German Dual Luger Clip Pouch With Clips Mfg & Dated 1916 $695.00
BA5033 WWII German 1940 Flare Pistol & US WWII Flare Pistol Lot $195.00
BA4955 Rare WWII Japanese Battleship Big Eye Binoculars Enomoto Kogaku 20 x 3 No. 44 W/ Letter of History $4,500.00
BA4932 Outstanding Rare WWII German Kriegsmarine WWII Uboat Stellar (Star) Globe $5,500.00
BA4886 Outstanding WWII German Military Regimental Beer Stein Gebirgs-Jag.Regt 100 $0.00
BA4840 Rare WWII Nazi Machine Gun Unit Stein for a Jaeger Regiment $0.00
BA4815 WWII German Mess Fork & Spoon Sets Collection All different mfg. $100.00
BA4801 Outstanding WWII Named Japanese Nambu Holster Rig With Original Cleaning Rod $400.00
BA4783 WWII German Holster Fits a 32. Cal or Small 9 MM ,,From US WWII Vets Estate $125.00
BA4653 German WWII Army Binoculars 6 x 30 #5128 Mfg. Friho Erlangen With US Veterans Bring Back Document $400.00
BA4619 Large 1943 Dated German Canvas Potatoe Bag #2 $75.00
BA4618 Large 1943 Dated German Canvas Potatoe Bag $75.00
BA4617 WWII German Gas Mask Without all straps Bargain $100 $100.00
BA4616 WWI German Practice Grenade $100.00
BA4604 Outstanding Complete German WWII Luftwaffe K-98 Cleaning Kit $150.00
BA4439 Rare Confederate Butternut homespun covered CS Tin Drum Canteen Named Stiched On Cover "T. Bush" $1,600.00
BA4350 WWII German Africa Korps Souvenired Wallot With Pith Hat Insignia $100.00
BA4272 Rare Pair of Kriegsmarine Double Eagle M Marked Binoculars $1,500.00
BA4266 WWII German 1943 dated K-98 leather bayonet frog with closure strap slightly torn $50.00
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