WWII - Adolf Hitler Silver & Personal Items
Item # Name Price
BA5042 Very Rare Formal Pattern AH Seafood Meat Pick Measures 8 Inches $2,750.00
BA5041 Mint Condition Adolf Hitler Formal Pattern 7 1/4 Inch Fork $1,600.00
BA5040 Mint Condition Adolf Hitler Dinner Spoon Measures 7 1/4 Inches " The Best" $1,600.00
BA5039 Mint Condition Adolf Hitler Informal Pattern 8 1/4 Inch Knife $1,200.00
BA5018 Fritz Sauckle Silverware Hoard ..Sold As Each Listed Below $0.00
BA5013 Increditible Fritz Sauckle Silverware Hoard " Inquire " $0.00
BA5012 Haus Elephant Flatware Find "One Of Hitlers Favorite Hotels" $200.00
BA4996 SS Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler's personal flatware "Knife, Spoon , Fork luncheon size $0.00
BA4991 Smallest Size Adolf Hitler Formal Pattern Spoon Measures 4 1/2 Inches "Minty" The Best $1,350.00
BA4989 Mint Condition Dinner Size Adolf Hitler Formal Pattern Spoon " The Best " $1,575.00
BA4988 Outstanding Condition Adolf Hitler Luncheon 8 Inch Size Knife Informal Pattern $1,200.00
BA4985 Outstanding Condition Formal PAttern Luncheon Size Fork $0.00
BA4983 Rare Presentation Adolf Hitler Dedicated & Autographed Adolf Hitler Photo 9 1/4 x 12 Inches $8,500.00
BA4969 Adolf Hitler Strasse & Herman Goring Str. Signs From Same US vets Estate $4,250.00
BA4952 Saddam Hussein Silver Bowl From Saddams Palace "Al Faw" In Bagdad $300.00
BA4933 Eva Braun's Personal Sewing Box From Berchtesgaden Found In The Bunker At The Wars End $2,000.00
BA4887 Saddam Hussein's Personal Palace Mfg. Christofle , France with the baath party eagle Silverware $200.00
BA4855 Outstanding Adolf Hitler Formal Pattern 8 1/2 Inch Knife With Veterans Eagles Nest History $1,500.00
BA4806 Rare Herman Goering Personal Suit Case Removed Items & HG Cigar $3,500.00
BA4804 US Veterans Lot of German Army Officers Flatware & Creamer and Sugar Lot $350.00
BA4753 Adolf Hitlers Personal Note Card From His Munich Apartment $200.00
BA4751 Outstanding Rare Adolf Hitler Informal Pattern 8 1/2 Inch Dinner Size Fork $1,300.00
BA4711 Scarce Adolf Hitler Informal Pattern Pie/Cake Server $4,500.00
BA4710 Scarce Adolf Hitler Informal Pattern AH Grape Snips $7,500.00
BA4684 Rare Zeppelin LZ-129 Hindenburg Crash Relic Knife Mfg. Bruckmann Same Mfg. As Adolf Hitler Informal $0.00
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