WWII - Daggers
Item # Name Price
BA5032 Outstanding M-1936 SS Chained Officers Dagger $7,250.00
BA5030 WWII Nazi Police Dress Bayonet Mfg. Alexander Coppel Solingen " Minty Blade " Matching S.Ar.IV.280 $625.00
BA5022 Double Sided Engraved German WWII Army Short Dress Bayonet Mfg. F.W. Holler Nice+++ $550.00
BA5021 Outstanding WWII Nazi Unslotted Police Dress Bayonet Matching S. Ka.II 1 Markings Mfg E & F Horster $650.00
BA5008 Outstanding German WWII Army Officers Dagger With Hangers & Portapee Mfg WKC $950.00
BA5000 Outstanding WWII Italian Fascist Dagger With Belt Hanger Nice+++ $850.00
BA4997 Nice Early WWII German Hitler Youth Knife Mfg. RZM M7/34 $385.00
BA4994 Nice Matching Unslotted Police Dress Bayonet Mfg. W/ Original Dress Tassel Minty Blade $0.00
BA4993 WWII Nazi Red Cross EM Dagger With Original Leather Frog Hanger "Minty Mfg Marked Blade $600.00
BA4992 Rare SS Police Officers Sword With SS Runes On Pommel Cap Mfg WKC SS Proofed also $2,850.00
BA4980 Rare WWII Nazi Government Officals Dagger With Its Original Rare Small Portapee Mfg Alcoso $6,950.00
BA4934 Rare WWII German Postal Officers Dagger Mfg. Paul Weyersberg DRP #1933 "Minty Condition" $5,800.00
BA4910 Luftwaffe Officers Sword With US Veterans Capture Information Mfg. SMF $1,500.00
BA4907 Outstanding Early Silver 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger Mfg. SMF #104 on scabbard " Minty Blade " $900.00
BA4883 WWII Japanese Naval Officers Sword With Bright Blade Anchor Proofed Blades Tang $925.00
BA4859 Luftwaffe Dagger Portapee $85.00
BA4842 Nice++++ M-1936 Chained SS Dagger Minty Blade $6,850.00
BA4841 M-1936 SS Officers Chained Dagger With Minty Blade & Portapee "US 3rd Army Veteran Family Bought" $6,500.00
BA4827 SA 1915 US Long Bayonet Reissued For WW2 Nice++ $350.00
BA4802 WWII USMC Bolo Mfg. Boyt 1945 $175.00
BA4787 US WWII USN Mark 1 BM Co Practice Bayonet Complete with Scabbard $135.00
BA4786 US WWII Pacific Theater Made Fighting Knife " Very Cool Looking " $300.00
BA4727 Full Röhm Inscription SA Dagger – Carl Eickhorn " Outstanding Condition " $0.00
BA4716 WWII Luftwaffe 1st model Dagger Mfg. Carl Julias Krebs " Minty Blade " $900.00
BA4700 Stone Minty 2nd Modle RLB EM Dagger Mfg. Paul Weyersberg $2,750.00
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