WWII - Daggers
Item # Name Price
BA5198 Early 1700's Japanese Katana Samurai Sword In Family Mounts-2 Hole Tang-25 1/2" Unsigned Blade $1,400.00
BA5197 Early 1800's Japanese Wakizashi With Lacquer Scabbard-Gold Inlay Fittings-21" Blade-2 Hole Tang $1,100.00
BA5192 Scarce Engraved Panzer Recon Abt. 5/5th Panzer "Wiking" Division-Kornwestheim $0.00
BA5191 Panzer Recon Engraved Short Model Dress Bayonet W/Scabbard/Frog-ABT. 4/2nd Panzer Division $575.00
BA5189 WWII German Army E. Pack Engraved Dress Bayonet Nice++++ $550.00
BA5188 WWII German Army Single Sided Engraved Dress Bayonet Mfg. F.W.Holler $550.00
BA5187 WWII German Short Single Sided Army Engraved Dress Bayonet Mfg. Cal Eickhorn $550.00
BA5186 German WWII Single Side Engraved Dress Bayonet Mfg. PS $550.00
BA5175 Outstanding Hitler Youth Knife With Motto Double Mfg Robert Klaas & RZM M7/37 1938 $0.00
BA5174 German WWII Kriegsmarine Officers Dagger With Original Tied naval Portapee Mfg. Carl Eickhorn $775.00
BA5173 Outstanding 2nd Model Luftwaffe With Pumpkin Orange Grip Mfg. Robert Klaas $650.00
BA5171 Nazi WWII Red Cross EM Dagger with Minty mfg marked blade under guards over hang " Ges. Geschutzt" $450.00
BA5170 Outstanding Original Red Cross EM Dagger Frog Marked "H" $150 $150.00
BA5168 Nice Early Silver 1st Model Luftwaffe Mfg. SMF  "No Scabbard"      "Minty Blade" $450.00
BA5162 Outstanding WWII German Double Etched Regimental Mfg.Carl Eickhorn Long Bayonet w/frog $0.00
BA5157 German WWII Early Silver Fitted 1st Model Luftwaffe Dagger Mfg Paul Weyersberg " Minty Blade ": $675.00
BA5137 German WW2 Nazi Sword Mfg. E& F Horster from US vets estate $300.00
BA5135 Early WWII Nazi RAD Leaders Dagger Mfg. Carl Eickhorn $0.00
BA5129 Rare WWII German Postal Officers Dagger Mfg. Paul Weyersberg DRP #1761  "Minty $5,995.00
BA5115 Rare SS Police Officers Sword Mfg WKC & SS Rune Proofed Blade and Scabbard Top Mount $2,250.00
BA5114 Outstanding Antique Ca. 1870's - 1880's Vintage Silver Hilted Scottish Dirk Complete $3,750.00
BA5113 Outstanding 2nd Model RLB Officers Dagger Mfg. ACS $0.00
BA5084 WWII German RLB 1st Model Complete With Original Strap Hanger Mfg. C.Gustav Spitzer $2,500.00
BA5061 Nice ++ WWII German Hitler Youth Knife Mfg. K & Co. Rarer Mfg, $475.00
BA5060 WWII German Luftwaffe Dress Dagger Flight Yellow Grips Mfg. Siegfried Waffen $575.00
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