WWII - Show & Tell Items
Item # Name Price
BA4748 Outstanding Tri-Color Normandy Camo Gas Mask " The Best" $0.00
BA4712 Cool WWII Photo of a US Veteran Removing a Adolf Hitler Street Sign $0.00
BA4674 Outstanding Rare Panzer SS Overseas Cap $0.00
BA4664 Rare Hermann Gorings Private Train Silver Flower Table Vase "DR" Eagle Train # 244 $0.00
BA4586 RARE! WW2 Riech's Chancellery Tapestry-Displayed and Souvenired from the RK .. Vet Named $0.00
BA4404 Rare Green EM SS M-43 Field Cap $0.00
BA4287 Rare German Paratrooper Helmet With Field Applied Camo Cloth Cover Size 68 $0.00
BA4258 Bullet Struck With Tag Heavy Textured DD M-35 Luftwaffe Helmet Mfg. ET 68 $0.00
BA4189 Look what this guy is wearing : Show & Tell $0.00
BA4167 Rare Hammered Silver Adolf Hitler Cigarette Box $0.00
BA4146 Rare WWII Japanese Navy Pilot Presentation Tanken Dirk with Bag & Document $0.00
BA4099 Rare 1937 vintage Adolf Hitler ink signed postcard with original letters and envelopes to same lady $0.00
BA4065 Rare Tri Color Camo Normandy Pattern Gas Mask $0.00
BA3932 WWII German M-43 EM 4 Pocket Combat Field Uniform $0.00
BA3927 Outstanding Single Decal Luftwaffe M-40 Tropical Tan Camo Mfg. EF 66 $0.00
BA3711 NSKK Chained Leaders Dagger Mfg. M7/19 1938 " Vets Estate Bought" $0.00
BA3676 Outstanding German Army Infantry Standart Flag Bearers Gorget $0.00
BA3672 SS M35 in a very thick sand/gravel paste type camo Q64 $0.00
BA3580 Rare 75 General Assault Badge $0.00
BA3564 WWII German M-42 SD SS Combat helmet Mfg. CKL 66 $0.00
BA3447 Outstanding M-35 Luft Tri-Color Normandy Woodchip Helmet ..Show & Tell Only $0.00
BA3444 Factory Mint Condition M-38 Fallschirmjager Jump Helmet $0.00
BA3422 WWII German M-1936 Chained SS Officers Dagger W/ Type 1 Chain $0.00
BA3371 Outstanding Early Allegmeine SS EM "Nice One " +++++++ $0.00
BA3290 Normandy SD Paratrooper Camo Helmet Mfg. ET 71 Size Shell $0.00
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