WWII - Personal Items
Item # Name Price
BA5287 Rare Battle Of Smolensk 20, Marz 1942 Hand Carved Plaque From US Veterans Bring Backs $400.00
BA5268 Rare Adolf Hitler Autographed Photo Postcard With Reichs Chancellery 1935 Dated Letter $2,995.00
BA5213 Larger Size WWII Nazi Regimental Presentation Army Soldier Bust on Silver Base Dated 1940 $450.00
BA5212 WWII German Regimental Presentation Soldier Bust On Marble $350.00
BA4888 WW1 Imperial German Lithophane Stein 7th Baden 142nd Infantry Regiment $650.00
BA4806 Rare Herman Goering Personal Suit Case Removed Items $3,200.00
BA4805 Scarce WWII German Uboat Engineer's Soldbuch U-2335 Later Captured $800.00
BA4804 US Veterans Lot of German Army Officers Flatware & Creamer and Sugar Lot $350.00
BA4653 German WWII Army Binoculars 6 x 30 #5128 Mfg. Friho Erlangen With US Veterans Bring Back Document $400.00
BA4540 #2 Rare Named Higher Quality WWII Japanese Binoculars with case .. Outstanding Optics $650.00
BA4494 Original WWII US Rifle Bring Back Document From Germany Dated Feb 24th 1945 $0.00
BA4468 Rare WWII Vintage Air Raid Warden Post 22 Sign Metal 24 x 24 Inches $700.00
BA3741 Rare SS Soldiers NSDAP ID Card Dated 1934 $800.00
BA3662 WWII US Veterans Estate 1936 Olympia Vol.1 & Vol.2 Books In Minty Condition $250.00
BA3597 Rare WWII Kriegsmarine Clock "Working with Key " With Capture Information Nice+++ $0.00
BA3489 Early Pre WWI German Regimental Beer Stein 1909-11 Dated $400.00
BA3345 Japanese Army Binoculars ...USMC Veteran brought back by Major Robert A. Merchant Jr. $250.00
BA3144 Rarer Pattern WWII German Camo Snipers Smock from 45th Infantry Vet $5,500.00
BA2498 Larger Set of WWII German Binoculars Size 7 x 50 With Case $600.00
BA2377 Rare Size WWII Kriegsmarine U-Boat Clock $0.00
BA1298 Rare German Navy KM Binoculars W/Eagle- M Stamped Case (Sold)
BA1173 Rare German Kriegsmarine 1940 WWII KM Eagle M Binoculars (Sold)
BA74 German WWII Military Artillery Motif Cane Top $75.00

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