WWII - Uniforms
Item # Name Price
BA5312 German Army M-36 Oberfeldwebel Field Tunic " Named & Dated" $1,850.00
BA5224 German WWII Army Parade Dress Uniform Lanyard Accouterment $150.00
BA5194 M41/M36 Panzer Officer's Tunic-Named-Leutnant $1,350.00
BA4916 Outstanding Male Manikin Upper For Military Uniform Display $300.00
BA4846 WWII Italian Fascist Leaders Uniform Jacket , Sash , Belt & Pair of Trousers $0.00
BA4845 WWII Italian Fascist Leaders Overcoat $0.00
BA4844 Outstanding WWII Italian Fascist Leaders Complete Uniform, Belt , Sash, Crossstrap & Box Etc.. $0.00
BA4825 Rare WWII USMC Camo Suit With Suspenders "Large Size" $750.00
BA4820 "Outstanding " Early Luftwaffe Oberfeldweibel Tunic Ca. 1936 With Many Award Loops & Named $1,500.00
BA4763 Original WWII US Army Field Equipment Lot all Dated And Mfg. Marked $250.00
BA4736 Nice WWII German Army Enlisted Herringbone Twill Tunic with Slip Over Reg. 17 Cyphers $1,200.00
BA4485 WWII German Pioneer Officers Uniform , Trousers , Visor Hat from US estate $1,200.00
BA4433 Rare Fur Lined German Army Majors Rank Russian Front Wood Overcoat $850.00
BA4425 Rare German Army WWII Cold Weather Russian Front Reverse to White Hood & Fur Lined Gloves $350.00
BA4319 WWII German Army Medical Officer Tunic $1,100.00
BA4139 Hermann Goring Division Luft Tunic $1,950.00
BA3998 WWII German Luftwaffe Tropical Tunic Nice ++ Untouched $0.00
BA3462 USS Yorktown Named Purple Heart , Medals & Uniform Group $0.00
BA3144 Rarer Pattern WWII German Camo Snipers Smock from 45th Infantry Vet $5,500.00
BA2923 WWII US 307th FS P-51 Pilot J.B. Holt's A-2 Jacket Size 40 & Crusher Hat $3,850.00
BA2374 Rare Battle Worn WWII German Fallschirmjager Jump Smock $0.00
BA1979 German Navy EM White Jumper "U-Boatman ?? $695.00
BA1972 Outstanding Early 1930's SA Stormtroopers Unform Jacket $0.00
BA1465 Outstanding US WWII Named & Painted Leather A-2 Jacket 40 $0.00
BA1434 Rare German EM M-36 Army Field Tunic $1,600.00

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