WWII - Armbands & Misc. Cloth Insignia
Item # Name Price
BA5155 Outstanding SS/Army Cloth German Cross In Gold With Mfg Marking $0.00
BA5144 German WWII Naval Uniform And Hat Insignias Collection $550.00
BA5117 Large Battle Stained Multi construction WWII Nazi NSDAP Party Flag Measures Approx 11 ft x 5 1/2 ft $0.00
BA5062 Nice Early 1930's NSDAP Pary Armband $100.00
BA5035 Unusual WWII German / Italy Handkerchief $125.00
BA5034 Outstanding SA Sports Armband With Its Original Paper RZM $135.00
BA5023 SS Uniform Field Removed SS Tunic Collar tab Nice+++ $650.00
BA4960 Rare WWII Luftwaffe Field Division Breat Eagle On Green Wool Uniform Material ... $450.00
BA4949 WWII German Misc Pins and Insignia Lot $100 for all $100.00
BA4948 WWII US Veterans 3 German Armband Bring Back Group $250.00
BA4947 2 Uniform Removed German Army Officers Breast Eagles ..You get the pair for 125.00 $125.00
BA4946 German WWII Enamel Veterans Stick Pins $25.00 each $25.00
BA4945 WWII Panzer Collar Tab Skull Insignias Lot $275.00
BA4941 Minty Early NSDAP Wool Armband With Pa[per RZM Tag $135.00
BA4940 Minty WWII SS Wool Armband With Paper Tag Uniform Removed $495.00
BA4924 Panzer Collar Tab Skull, Black Wound Badge , General Assult Badge US Veterans Bring Back Lot $185.00
BA4921 US Veterans Lot Of Misc Badges and Medals . $0.00
BA4909 Nice Early 1930's NSDAP Armband $100.00
BA4908 Cool Looking large German Police Sport Shirt Removed Eagle Measures 7 x 7 Inches $95.00
BA4905 Smaller Size Political Hat Pin $35.00
BA4902 Pair Of Kriegsmarine Hat Eagles " You get both " $100.00
BA4901 German Army Visor Hat Eagle Complete With All Prongs $40.00
BA4900 Panzer Collar Tab Insignia $85.00
BA4899 NSKK Visor Hat Insignia $75.00 each choice $75.00
BA4835 German WWI Naval Veterans League Breast Pin Nice one +++ $95.00
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