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Item # Name Price
BA3662 WWII US Veterans Estate 1936 Olympia Vol.1 & Vol.2 Books In Minty Condition $250.00
BA3414 WWII 1940 Rare Dutch Mein Kampf Nice One +++ Complete $85.00
BA3250 Rare 1938 Berlin Phone Book 1400 Plus Pages $675.00
BA2322 Outstanding Land Customs Mfg. E & F Horster "Minty Blade" $0.00
BA1720 German Army Officers Sword Mfg. Carl Eickhorn /Field Marshall $0.00
BA1448 Outstanding Cased German Cross In Gold #20 Mfg. Zimmerman $0.00
BA587 US Army Handbook 1939-1945 by George Forty $20.00
BA586 German Military Collectibles Price Guide by Ron Manion $15.00
BA585 US Decorations , Medals , Ribbons, Badges And Insignia $15.00
BA584 Panzertruppen " German Armored Troops 1935-1945 $35.00
BA583 German Automatic Weapons Of World War II by Robert Bruce $25.00
BA582 Karabiner 98 Kurz by Friedrich Graf $20.00
BA581 World Army Uniforms 1939 to Present $20.00
BA580 Rommel's Army In Africa by Dal McGuirk $25.00
BA579 Standard Catalog Of The US Military Vehicles 1940-1965 $30.00
BA578 German Armored Warfare Of World War II 1939-1945 $35.00
BA577 Handbook on German Military Forces with a fat 635 pages $40.00
BA576 US Army Uniforms Of World War II by Shelby Stanton $35.00
BA575 Detecting The Fakes Robin Lumsden $15.00
BA574 German Army Uniforms Of WWII in Color Photographs $40.00
BA573 The German Infantry Handbook 1939-1945 By Buchner $35.00
BA572 German Soldiers Of World War Two by Jean de Lagarde $35.00
BA571 Die Wehrmacht By Uwe Feist $45.00
BA570 Armored Vehicles and Units of the German Order Police 1936-45 $45.00
BA569 Chain Dogs "The German Army Military Police of World War II $15.00
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