WWII - Belt Buckles & Belt Rigs
Item # Name Price
BA3708 Minty WWII Luftwaffe EM Bucklle & Luftwaffe Uniform Insignia from US Vets Estate $135.00
BA3707 WWII German NSDAP Leaders Buckle Mfg. RZM M4/27 $135.00
BA3674 WWII German RED Cross Buckle & Uniform Sleeve Band From US Veterans Estate $300.00
BA3653 SA-Wehrmannshaften EM/NCO's Belt Buckle by "RZM M4/22" $600.00
BA3596 SS Officers Belt Buckle Mfg. SS 36/39 OLC : Nice++ $2,350.00
BA3497 Early Hitler Youth Leaders Buckle RZM M4/22 $650.00
BA3401 Rare Early M-1933 Silver SS EM Belt Buckle RZM SS 35/36 $0.00
BA3386 Minty NSDAP Polical Leaders Belt Buckle RZM M4/23 $135.00
BA3383 Nice Original Luftwaffe Brown Officers Belt Cross Strap & 2 original Belt Loops $200.00
BA3372 Original SS Officers Parade Belt Buckle " Nice One " +++ $2,500.00
BA3270 Bargain Hitler Youth Buckle ...Rusty Condition ..Bargain Priced $35.00
BA3127 Nice SS EM Belt & Buckle Rig $0.00
BA3091 Large Size WWII Officers Black Combat Belt "SS Officers" ??? $0.00
BA3038 Nice++ Original Aluminum Waffen SS Belt Buckle $2,500.00
BA2994 US Veterans WWII Nazi Bring Back lot with shipping box & Document $0.00
BA2975 Nice Aluminum SS EM Belt & Buckle Rig RZM 36/40 SS $0.00
BA2933 Outstanding Luftwaffe Brocade Dress Belt & Buckle Rig $375.00
BA2806 German Belt Buckles Lot $75.00 Each Your Choice $75.00
BA2655 Rare Combat SS Officers Belt Rig With K-98 Pouches and frog $5,000.00
BA2646 Minty German WWII Police Officers Belt Buckle & Keeper $425.00
BA2345 Army EM Buckle with nice Mfg. & 1936 Dated Leather tab $100.00
BA1454 Hitler Youth Leaders Belt Buckle Mfg. RZM M4/22 $600.00
BA1418 Outstanding German NSDAP Political Leaders Belt / RZM $0.00
BA1372 Rare NSDAP Polical Leaders Brocade Dress Belt & Buckle $0.00
BA1338 Rare Early Type SA Belt Buckle (Sold)
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