WWII - Medals, Badges & Awards
Item # Name Price
BA5213 Larger Size WWII Nazi Regimental Presentation Army Soldier Bust on Silver Base Dated 1940 $450.00
BA5212 WWII German Regimental Presentation Soldier Bust On Marble $350.00
BA5211 NSDAP Party Hat Eagle Fresh US Veterons Estate Bought $35.00
BA5179 Rare Zeppelin LZ-129 Hindenburg Passenger Shaving Kit $700.00
BA5177 Outstanding 15 Year NSDAP Long Service Mfg #2 Medal In Original Issue Boxed $700.00
BA5167 Rare German WWII Army/SS 50 Mission Tank Badge In a Issue Box $2,500.00
BA5166 WWII US Clutch Back Sterling Silver Navigator Wings $45.00
BA5165 3 WWII Russian Pin & Buttons lot from 100 Infantry Veterans estate $0.00
BA5164 WWII German Items Lot From US WWII 100 Divison Vets Estate $100.00
BA5161 Outstanding German Cross In Gold Case Only "The Best" $1,100.00
BA5155 Outstanding SS/Army Cloth German Cross In Gold With Mfg Marking $0.00
BA5152 Rare 12 Year & 4 Year Luftwaffe Long service Medals & 1936 Olympic Medal Parade Mount $695.00
BA5151 German Iron Cross 2nd Class,Luftwaffe 4 Year Long Service,Austrian Occupation Medals Parade Mount $325.00
BA5150 Rare Pair of NSDAP Long Service 10 and 15 year Medals Parade Mounted $795.00
BA5149 Early Silver Luftwaffe Pilots Badge " Nice Uncleaned Silver Badge" $1,050.00
BA5106 WWII German Tank Badge Mfg. Marked Local US Veterans War Booty $225.00
BA5105 Salty German WW2 War Service With Cross Swords 1st Class Award Cased $225.00
BA5104 WWII German Iron Cross Nice+++ Salty Been On The Field Cross $200.00
BA5103 German WWII War Service Without Swords 1st Class Cased $250.00
BA5102 Nice Early War Production War Service With Crossed Swords 1st Class Cased $250.00
BA5101 Nice+++ Empty WWI German Iron Cross 1st Class Case Only " The Best" $175.00
BA5076 WWII German Krim 1941/42 Battle Shield Complete Fresh US veterans estate bought $200.00
BA5072 Large Lot of WWII German Eagles Pins and Hat Devices & Misc. $135.00
BA5071 1933 NSDAP Reichsparteitag Badge $85.00
BA5070 WWII German Krim Shield Uniform Removed With Backing Plate $150.00
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