WWII - Medals, Badges & Awards
Item # Name Price
BA5076 WWII German Krim 1941/42 Battle Shield Complete Fresh US veterans estate bought $200.00
BA5072 Large Lot of WWII German Eagles Pins and Hat Devices & Misc. $135.00
BA5071 1933 NSDAP Reichsparteitag Badge $85.00
BA5070 WWII German Krim Shield Uniform Removed With Backing Plate $150.00
BA5069 WWII Misc Nazi Pins and badges Lot all from same US veterasn bring backs $75.00
BA5068 Misc WWII Nazi Medals Lot all from one US veterans estate $195.00
BA5047 Luftwaffe Honor Goblet - Awarded In 1942 to a Luftwaffe Fighter Pilot $0.00
BA5045 Outstanding German Cross In Gold Award Case Only $1,200.00
BA5044     Knights Cross to The War Service Medal Original Ribbon With Ties $900.00
BA5036 WWII German Medals ,Pins Etc Lot all from local US vets estate $100.00
BA5031 Rare 1944 Dated Original Tank Destruction Strip Award Booklet $0.00
BA5029 Outstanding 4 Medals Luftwaffe Parade Mount Nice+++ $0.00
BA5028 Very Rare Mini German Cross In Gold Stick Pin $300.00
BA4984 Order of the German Eagle - 2nd Class Star with swords, by Godet, in silver, gold gilt eagles and en $2,950.00
BA4979 Original WWII Iron Cross 2nd Class Paper Issue Packet $25.00
BA4978 Original WWII Iron Cross 2nd Class Paper Issue Packet $25.00
BA4973 Rare Teno Gold Honor Badge $800.00
BA4959 1936 Olympic Games Badge missing Pin $95.00
BA4958 HJ & DJ Proficiency Badge Lot ..Nice sold as a lot $0.00
BA4950 WWII Wound Badge /SA Sports Badge/Sports Badge/Tinnie Lot $225.00
BA4949 WWII German Misc Pins and Insignia Lot $100 for all $100.00
BA4946 German WWII Enamel Veterans Stick Pins $25.00 each $25.00
BA4945 WWII Panzer Collar Tab Skull Insignias Lot $275.00
BA4944 2 Infantry Assault Badges ,SA Sports Badge & HJ Badge Lot $200.00
BA4941 Minty Early NSDAP Wool Armband With Pa[per RZM Tag $135.00
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