WWII - Leather Goods & Field Gear & Misc.
Item # Name Price
BA5235 Rare German Police Horse Blanket Nice+++++ $0.00
BA5224 German WWII Army Parade Dress Uniform Lanyard Accouterment $150.00
BA5193 WW2 German Fallschirmjäger RZ-20 Parachute With All Harnesses And Carry Bag $2,850.00
BA5176 WWI German M-17 Potatoe Masher Stick Grenade "Inert" $750.00
BA5160 WWI German Regimental Drinking Flask " Very Cool" Complete $275.00
BA5159 Nice++ WWII German Set of K-98 Amo Pouches RB Numbered $150.00
BA5143 Nice Original WWII German K-98 Rifle Sling From US veterans estate $150.00
BA5095 WWII German Lighter From Stutgart From a WWII US Soldiers Footlocker $100.00
BA5094 Rare WWII Third Reich Walther Gun Mfg Magnifer Advertising Piece With Leather Case $250.00
BA4967 Outstanding Pair Of WWII German Officers Boots $350.00
BA4955 Rare WWII Japanese Battleship Big Eye Binoculars Enomoto Kogaku 20 x 3 No. 44 W/ Letter of History $4,500.00
BA4954 Rare WWI German Snail Drum Magazine For A Artillery Luger $1,850.00
BA4889 Luftwaffe Afrika Korps 1941 Dated & Proofed Tropical Canvas & Leather P37 Model Holster $450.00
BA4888 WW1 Imperial German Lithophane Stein 7th Baden 142nd Infantry Regiment $650.00
BA4877 Scarce Nazi WWII Panzerfaust Storage Crate $295.00
BA4876 Vietnam War Period US M61 Frag Grenade Body-Inert $35.00
BA4871 Civil War SNY Cartridge Box Mfg. Marked $0.00
BA4856 US WWII Army Aircorps 1942 Dated Pilots Mae West Life Vest & 1943 Life Raft $0.00
BA4619 Large 1943 Dated German Canvas Potatoe Bag #2 $75.00
BA4618 Large 1943 Dated German Canvas Potatoe Bag $75.00
BA4610 Nice Conditon WWII German 1943 Dated Canteen With Belt Strap Loop Just Missing Cup $100.00
BA4540 #2 Rare Named Higher Quality WWII Japanese Binoculars with case .. Outstanding Optics $650.00
BA4539 Rare Higher Quality WWII Japanese Binoculars with case .. Outstanding Optics $750.00
BA4530 Rare Original WWII Japanese Rifle Sling & WWII Japanese Bayonet Lot $0.00
BA4526 Outstanding Leather WWII Japanese Officers Nambu Holster Rig With Clip and Cleaning tool $600.00
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