Civil War - New Arrivals
Item # Name Price
BA5114 Outstanding Antique Ca. 1870's - 1880's Vintage Silver Hilted Scottish Dirk Complete $3,750.00
BA5092 Outstanding Ames Foot Officers Sword With Frosty Mint Etched Blade & Outstanding Gold Gilt Finish $2,450.00
BA5091 Presentation Civil War Staff & Field Officers Sword To Capt D.H. Hubbard by the non commissioned off $0.00
BA5081 Civil War US M-1850 Staff & Field Officers Sword WIth US Etched Import Blade $1,350.00
BA5080 Outstanding Civil War Non-Regulation Staff Officers Sword With Brass Hilt & Jeweller Enhanced $1,350.00
BA5079 Civil War E.Whitney /N. Haven Navy 36 Cal. 6 shot Pistol Serial #9837 Nice++ All matching $1,550.00
BA5071 1933 NSDAP Reichsparteitag Badge $85.00
BA5054 Pair of 1920's Original KKK Pocket Knives from Same Klansmans Estate $600.00
BA5005 Original 1920's KKK Klansmans Robe Complete with Hood and Rope Belt  $700.00
BA5001 Nice Original 1920's KKK Klansmans Robe Complete with Hood and Rope Belt Nice++++ $750.00
BA4976 1920's KKK Paper Lot , Membership Cards, Sheet Music, Plus , Plus $275.00
BA4972 California Families Estate Model 1866 Winchester 2nd Model 44 Cal. Saddle Carbine $6,750.00
BA4871 Civil War SNY Cartridge Box Mfg. Marked $0.00
BA4870 Civil War Eagle Breast Plate NIce++++ $175.00
BA4861 Very Rare Early 1930's KKK Banner Measures 18 x 36 Inches $875.00
BA4846 WWII Italian Fascist Leaders Uniform Jacket , Sash , Belt & Pair of Trousers $0.00
BA4797 2 1910 Black Family Pictured in front of Cabin Postcards You get the pair ..Both 1910 Vintage $100.00
BA4796 Pair of Original 1920's KKK Tokens .. You get both as one lot $250.00
BA4794 KKK Lot ..Red Sash , Felt Pennat, Broken Early Record, Robe Belt $400.00
BA4774 KKK Kloran Of The Knights Of The Great Forest K-Trio 1928 Nice Condition $115.00
BA4772 Constitution and Laws of the Women of the Ku Klux Klan 1927 73 Pages Nice Condition ++ $100.00
BA4771 KKK Klansmans Manual Dated 1925 86 Pages Very Nice Condition $185.00
BA4768 The Ku Klux Klan In Prophecy Book 1920's $100.00
BA4744 Rare KKK 1915 Stone Mountain Plate Measures 6 1/2 Inches $250.00
BA4709 Civil War Southern Carried M-1851 Colt Navy Pistol Serial #100067 $0.00
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