Civil War - Swords
Item # Name Price
BA5204 Scarce-Civil-War-Cavalry-Officers-Ames-mfg Scarce-Civil-War-Cavalry-Officers-Ames-mfg Scarce-Civil $10,500.00
BA5199 Outstanding Confederate Staff & Field Officer Sword Mfg. Boyle & Gamble & MacFee Richmond, VA Etched $12,000.00
BA5178 Fort Steadman Surrendered Confederate CSA In Ribbon Confederate State Armory Staff & Field Sword $33,500.00
BA5091 Presentation Civil War Staff & Field Officers Sword To Capt D.H. Hubbard by the non commissioned off $0.00
BA5081 Civil War US M-1850 Staff & Field Officers Sword WIth US Etched Import Blade $1,350.00
BA5080 Outstanding Civil War Non-Regulation Staff Officers Sword With Brass Hilt & Jeweller Enhanced $1,350.00
BA4708 Outstanding Civil War Staff & Field Officers Sword Complete With Dress Tassel "Minty Etched Blade " $2,500.00
BA4682 Incredible Jeweler Enhanced Civil War Staff & Field Officers Sword Carried By A 45th Ohio Colonel $0.00
BA4629 Civil War M-1850 Foot Officers Sword Unmarked C. Roby & Co. Mass Military Motif Etched Blade $425.00
BA4467 Civil War Short Artillery 1862 Government Issued with "GGS " Inspectors Proofs $0.00
BA4441 Confederate CSA Cavalry Officers Sword Mfg. Nashville Plow Works With CS Flag Pieces & Note $0.00
BA4430 Rare Early CSA Louis Froelich / Willmington, NC Staff & Field Officers Sword $0.00
BA4383 Rare Civil War Confederate 1st Model Mfg. Thomas Griswold & Co. New Orleans Cavalry Officers Sword $0.00
BA4311 Rare Civil War Confederate Boyle & Gamble Staff & Field Officers Sword $0.00
BA4275 1850's Austrian Calvary Sword with scabbard $800.00
BA4069 Civil War Confederate Boyle and Gamble Mfg. Foot Officers Sword from NC estate. $6,500.00
BA3469 Outstanding Civil War USN Naval Cutlass 1862 Mfg. Ames Mfg. NJ State Marked $0.00
BA3468 US Civil War Union Musicians Sword Mfg. Horstmann S , Phila $0.00
BA2251 Nice+++ American 1830's US Eaglehead Militia Sword $0.00
BA1181 Nice ++ Civil War M-1850 Staff & Field Officers Sword Ames Mfg. (Sold)

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