Civil War - Reference Books - New & Used
Item # Name Price
BA242 6- Vols Set The Images of the Civil War by Doubleday $85.00
BA241 Longrifles of North Carolina by John Bivens $100.00
BA240 A Photographic Supplement of Confederate Swords by Albaugh $50.00
BA239 The Civil War Catalog Reference book by Anthony Shaw $25.00
BA235 The Fighting Men of the Civil War by William Davis $25.00
BA153 A Guide Book Of Southern States Currency by Hugh Shull $30.00
BA152 Collecting Confederate Paper Money by Pierre Fricke $40.00
BA127 American Percussion Revolvers by Sellers & Smith $30.00
BA126 Remington Handguns By Karr & Karr Reference Book $35.00
BA125 The Guilford Grays Co. B 27th NC Regimental History $25.00
BA123 Confederate Longarms & Pistol by Hill & Anthony (Sold)
BA122 Vols. 1,3,4,5 of Lords Civil War Collectors Encyclopedia books $80.00
BA121 American Civil War Relics Book by S. Sylvia & M .Odonnell (Sold)
BA83 The Confederate Brass-Framed Colt & Whitney by Albaugh $40.00
BA58 New Book "American Socket Bayonets & Scabbards" (Sold)
BA57 Cosmopolitan & Gwyn & Campbell Carbine In The Civil War $23.00

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