US WWII Painted Leather A-2 Flight Jackets
Rare WWII USMC Camo Suit With Suspenders "Large Size"

Rare WWII USMC Camo Suit With Suspenders   "Large Size" Some holes and cool war time field repair

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US WWII A-2 Jacket Transport Command Patch lot ++ Others from same WWII US veterans estate

US WWII A-2 Jacket Transport Command Patch lot ++ Others from same WWII US veterans estate.. You get the lot

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WWI US AEF USMC Marine Corps Uniform, Medals 2nd Bn 6th Bde

  WWI US AEF USMC Marine Corps Uniform, Medals 2nd Bn 6th Bde    Super WWI Marine Corps lot .  US Army dated 1915 tunic as used by the marines in France, two possible names, one inside coat tail on wool and another on issue tag, dated 1915.  Yellow diamond patch with embroidered Indian head.  3 bullion tape OS stripes, discharge stripe, matched collar discs, ribbon with 5 stars, marksman badge, USMC good conduct medal # 35,360, victory medal with all correct bars for this unit.  Its odd to see an army tunic with USMC stuff on it at the point where patches are worn, but research shows many period photos of this, and can supply them if need be, but I think you know the score.   The USMC button and the discharge button were in the lower left pocket when I got it. Tunic has army buttons on it as used overseas.  Included neck stock sewing kit, USMC silver plated mess fork, etc., lots of little goodies.  SOLD...SOLD...SOLD...SOLD   

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WWII US 307th FS P-51 Pilot J.B. Holt's A-2 Jacket Size 40 & Crusher Hat

Here is a nice never treat just as worn impressive WWII US Army Air Corps A-2 Jacket mfg. Perry Sportswear size 40 . Jacket belong to Major and P-51 Pilot J.B. Holt with a outstanding British made 307th Fighter Squadron patch and his name tag both period sewn to jacket as worn .Waist and cuffs are also in excellent condition with minimal wear with a fully functioning CONMAR zipper. Inside lining show use and wear around the neck area as most do from honest combat wear as seen in photos provided in this listing .. Along with his jacket were are offering a nice 50 mission crusher hat not named but displays nicely with his jacket . If you google the 307th Fighter Squadrons history uou will read they had some serious battle history. A great unmessed with jacket and hat ...Buy it now or real close offers might be accepted ..Deployed to the European Theater of Operations (ETO) in June 1942 without aircraft as its P-40s and P-39s were deemed unsuitable for use against German aircraft in long range bomber escort duties. Was re-equipped with RAF Spitfire Vs and its pilots and technicians spent a two-month period undergoing intensive training in flying and fighting with RAF pilots in the British aircraft from airfields in southeast England. The squadron flew its first combat mission on 18 August 1942, when it attacked enemy positions in occupied France. Assigned to the new Twelfth Air Force and deployed to Gibraltar in November 1942 as part of the Operation Torch invasion forces, initially operating from former Vichy French airfields in Algeria. Advanced east across Algeria and Tunisia during the North African Campaign, supporting the Fifth United States Army which halted Field Marshal Rommel's advance on allied positions. Spitfires from the squadron provided support for Allied Forces as the Invasion of Italy began with the capture of Sicily, and later the landings by Allied forces in Fascist Italy, moving north supporting the Fifth Army during the Italian Campaign. As Allied bomber forces operating from Italy began the strategic bombing of Axis petroleum and communications facilities in central Europe and the Balkans, the squadron was re-equipped with the North American P-51 Mustang to replace the shorter-ranged Spitfire. In August 1944, the P-51's were involved in the invasion of Southern France. In December 1944, the first destruction of a German jet fighter by a 308th P-51 occurred, eventually operating from the Po Valley in Northern Italy at the end of the European War in May 1945. By war's end, the squadron had earned two Distinguished Unit Citations and was involved in eight campaigns The squadron was largely demobilized during the summer of 1945 in Europe, a skeleton force returned to Drew Field, Florida in August, inactivating largely as an administrative unit in November

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Outstanding US WWII Named & Painted Leather A-2 Jacket 40

Here is a outstanding Ided , named pilots, patched & painted original WWII A-2 Jacket size 40 . This jacket has real condition with no condition issues other than a little slight cuff wear as would be expected . Original cuffs , original Crown zipper . The jackets original lable is nice and clear as well as complete with its original lining is outstanding . This WWII A-2 jacket belonged to pilot F.D. Berry with his leather bomber wings and squadron patch on his jacket . The coolest thing about this outstanding A-2 is the skull painted on the back ..No question the Pilots aircraft nose art painted also on his jacket . This jacket comes with a lifetime guarantee its 100% original in everyway and unaltered . Nice WWII A-2's are really hard to find this nice .I have not researched his WWII history so its up to you the buyer to have fun with that .  SOLD...SOLD...SOLD...SOLD.....

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