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Incredible Jeweler Enhanced Civil War Staff & Field Officers Sword Carried By A 45th Ohio Colonel

Incredible Jeweler enhanced Civil War Staff & Field Officers sword owned and carried By 45th Ohio Lt. Colonel Joseph Hill . This sword was purchased from the Hill families estate and history handed down with it as belonging to Lt. Col. Joseph Hill . I can't say enough about this swords blade condition, quality of rarity military motif and frosty mint blade .. The scabbard is also a perfect top notch example with custom ordered jeweler enhanced military eagles and other cool motif enhanced brass fittings . Seldom do you encounter a sword like this with its original presentation grade sword hangers and what a perfect match to the patina of the swords fittings ..No question has been on the sword since the Civil War  .. Not a average sword .. I guess you can see why a Lt. Colonel owned it .. "The Best" A Killer Sword SOLD..SOLD..SOLD  

Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Price: $0.00 USD

Rare Civil War Confederate Boyle & Gamble Staff & Field Officers Sword

Rare Civil War Confederate Boyle & Gamble Staff & Field Officers Sword   The sword has a frosty etched blade with a single, unstopped, fuller with Confederate flags crossed and crossed cannons . The reverse has tobacco leaves, C.S.A., stand of arms and foliate. The guard is a sand casting with some of the openwork areas in the guard are closed due to a relatively poor quality mold. The grip is leather with 8 turns of twisted brass wire. The scabbard is top seamed leather with sheet brass mounts with uneven lines scribed. The ring bands are held in place with copper pins. A wonderful textbook Boyle and Gamble Staff & Field Officers sword that are getting impossible to find this nice . I can send many more pictures upon request as I can only host 12 on my website ..   SOLD...SOLD...SOLD   

Shipping Weight: 6 lbs
Price: $0.00 USD

Rare Original 1920's KKK Pocket Knife

Here is a rare original 1920's KKK Pocket Knife ..Knife blades have been well worn shappended & shortened ...Never the less and very rare 1920's Vintage KKK knife and displays nicely

Shipping Weight: 1 lb
Price: $300.00 USD

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