Civil War
Armed 1/6 Plate Civil War Union Cavalry Ambrotype in case

   Armed 1/6 Plate Civil War Union Cavalry Ambrotype in case..Shows some oxidation otherwise nice and clear   Image measures 2 3/4 x 3 1/4 

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Civil War Armed With Sword Young Confederate 1/6 Plate Ambrotype

  Civil War Armed With Sword Young Confederate 1/6 Plate Ambrotype  "Clear Image in half case only ..Looks to be no older than 15 years old .. Nice one that original was discovered in a families estate here in the South ..  SOLD..SOLD..SOLD

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Civil War Confederate Id'd Ambrotype Of Three Armed Soldiers

Show and Tell : When Brent's Antiques Inc. first acquired this 1/6 plate ambrotype, little was known about the Identification of these men. The image was from a Moore County, North Carolina estate. They knew it was from the Lawhon side of the family and that the men fought for the Confederacy. Our extensive research determined the following. The Soldier on the left who is holding a large bowie knife is Sgt. Cornelious Lawhon. He was killed at the Spottsylvania Courthouse by a Cannonball. The man in the center is Capt. William H. Lawhon, who survived the war. The soldier on right with his officers sword is Maj. William Hogan Jones, who captured a stand of yankee colors in Virginia on Aug. 25th 1864. He was paroled at Appomattox in 1865. All Confederate soldiers served together bravely in the 48th North Carolina State Troops and all from Moore County, NC.  Both Lawhon's were brothers serving together in the same regiment and Jones was the Major of the 48th. The Lawhon brothers must have thought right much of Major Jones to have their photo taken with him. Its very unusal to have three Confederate soldiers pictured together like this . This is another research project completed, with much history uncovered and preserved for posterity. Brent's Antiques believes research and historical preservation is important.  We are always seeking to purchase great, clear Civil War images like this one.  

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Rare Union Lt. Barr Posed W/ Captured Confederate Battle Flag

What a interesting looking man posed with a Confederate flag . When we first acquired this photo little was known as to its history. Could this picture be a Confederate officer posed with a CSA flag during a UCV reunion?  Maybe it was a Union officers pictured with his prized captured war booty. Here is what we determined with our research of this interesting picture . The photo was signed "John A. Barr / 1910 " and he proudly holds a Confederate Battle flag . We decided to contact Confederate flag expert Greg Biggs and see what we might learn about this flag pictured. Greg was a great help.  Lt. John A. Barr commanded Co.F. 48th Illinois : Part of Hazen's Brigade, attacked Ft. McAllister, Dec. 10, 1864. Barr Killed the Confederate Flag bearer and stuffed the flag into his coat. It was one of three flags taken that day, the other two being the fort's garrisons flags. All three flags have survived. This flag belonged to Clinch's Ga. Battery 4th Light Artillery. Written in Lt. Barr's hand is capture information and the date Dec.10,1864 on one of the stars of the flag . This flag was handed down to the owner's grandfather and it had descended through his family. With this information now known we took a closer look at the stars on the flag in the picture. Yes, one of the stars on the flag did have small writting on it.  SOLD..SOLD..SOLD  

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